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Fresh Air Stack

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Take a big deep breath, exhale. Now doesn't that feel good?

Jade/Steel/Pyrite: hand-strung with 8mm jade beads, vintage steel nuts, and 12mm raw, chunky pyrite- $69

Jasper/Lava/Hematite: hand-strung with 10mm jasper beads, hematite chevrons, and 10mm lava rock beads- $69

For those who believe:

Called the “nurturing stone", Jasper provides comfort. It will help balance the vibrations of the body, including the emotional body. This stone is very warm and protective. It is very lucky for actors. 

Derived from the Greek work ‘pyr’ meaning fire, pyrite when struck sparks easily. It has been known to protect against all darkness, and eases anxiety, depression and frustration.

Lava rock (also known as Basalt) is a very grounding rock, and deepens our connection to mother nature. It provides strength and courage to those who wear it.

Hematite has a high Iron content and is therefore used to increase circulation, as well as to ground and anchor us. Because of it’s metallic nature, it promotes self-reflection.


Handmade in Canada

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