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Sunstone Stack

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We didn't know our HEN bracelets could get any better, but we've done it again, folks! This stack is made from scrumptious combinations of Onyx, Sunstone + Goldstone (insert heart eye emoji here). Each bracelet is hand-beaded on strong 1mm stretch cord, double knotted and glued to ensure the utmost quality. 

Clockwise starting from left: 6mm frosted Onyx/Sunstone, 6mm frosted Onyx/Goldstone, 8mm frosted Onyx/Sunstone/Goldstone

For those who believe: Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the Sun God, and has been known to install good nature, heighten intuition, dissipate fearfulness, alleviate stress, and increase vitality. It an also encourage independence and originality. 

Onyx: Keywords- Calming, distancing + quietening. Can increase introspection and quieten powerful emotional states.

Goldstone can boost one's life force + strengthen the inner self and chi. It incorporates the properties of copper and can assist in strengthening the circulatory system, which can help people with arthritis.  


Handmade in Canada

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