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White Frosted Bracelets- 5 Beads


A beach-y new twist on an old favourite. Choose either ocean jasper + picasso stone (grey), earth jasper + labradorite (brown), or frosted, recycled beach glass, amazonite + labradorite (green). 

Mystical Properties: 

Jasper is known for its practicality, it's ability to ground, and its restorative capabilities. It can also encourage enthusiasm and drive as well as aid in recovery and repair in the body.

Labradorite is a rare feldspar named for where it was originally discovered in Canada. It has a stunning iridescence that acts as a protective shield that has been known to protect the aura of the wearer. It also heightens our ability to focus on personal issues without letting external influences affect us, and encourages us to embrace new ideas and opportunities. 

Amazonite, funnily enough, is named after the Amazon river, although no deposits have been found in that area. It is mostly found in Canada, Madagascar & Mexico. It has been known to enhance psychic faculties, release blocked emotions, and inspire creativity and personal expression.

Handmade in Canada

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