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Phantom Bracelet

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Tap into your clairvoyant senses. Made with 8mm frosted glass beads with a medley of snowflake obsidian Greek crosses, lava rock, and hematite chevrons. Boo!

For those who believe: Hematite has a high Iron content and is therefore used to increase circulation, as well as to ground and anchor us. Because of it’s metallic nature, it promotes self-reflection.

Obsidian, like volcanic rock is formed by rapidly cooling lava. Unpolished, obsidian can be quite dangerous, as it rises from the earth with razor-sharp edges. It has been known to bring about hidden emotions and traumas to the surface, and rebalance the digestive system.

Lava rock (also known as Basalt) is a very grounding rock, and deepens our connection to mother nature. It provides strength and courage to those who wear it.

Handmade in Canada

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