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Casimir Necklace- SOLD OUT

out of stock


 K, this story is kinda morbid, so I'll keep in brief. In ancient Polish folklore, there was a man named Casimir. Casimir was cursed with the ability to give the evil eye to everyone and everything he looked at. One day, he got so upset that he cut out his eyes. He got married and lived happily ever after, pretty much. The end.

Made with a real, working stainless steel jackknife, this piece is both fashionable and functional. One of my favourite pieces, this knife comes in handy for just about anything and everything... and is also super f*cking badass. Handle is made from abalone, chain is vintage, 28in. All hardware is 100% brass.

Is this a gift? Consider a lovely leather upgrade by adding a deerskin leather pouch here

Handmade in Canada

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