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Cigarettes Necklace

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SALE! Originally $119 now down to $79. While Supplies Last!

I can just hear you now: "I really like this necklace, but why is it called cigarettes? Like I don't smoke cigarettes..." Not to worry, ladies and gents! This stunning necklace is only called cigarettes cause it's made with a large, one of a kind chunk of raw smoky quartz. Get it? SMOKE-y quartz? Handmade with our favourite new large link brass chain, rosary style. Top "half" measures 24 inches (yes, long enough so that you don't have to undo the clasp), and bottom "half" measures 6-8 inches depending on the stone. 

for the believers: more of a gentle version of clear crystal quartz, smoky quartz can feel peacefully radiant, absorbing, solid, earthy and mysterious. it helps to calm the mind and ground us. 

Handmade in Canada

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