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Namastaywithtay x H+B GODDESS Collection- Glow Necklace

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Illuminate your inner knowing and promote your intuition and empathy with our glow necklace. Carefully hand-crafted in southern ontario with beautiful, grade aa 6mm smooth moonstone, and 14k gold fill rope chain (a H+B first)! Chain length is 20 inches, and is the daintiest, most perfectest layering piece. All hardware is 14k gold fill as well. 

Wear moonstone jewelry to always feel it's glowing, magical energy, illuminating your aura and the one's of those around you.

Gold filled jewelry does not have to be cleaned nearly as often, and has a much higher percentage of gold in it than just a simple plating. This piece will keep it's shine longer than our standard brass. That being said: PLEASE do not work out in our jewelry :)

Handmade in Canada

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