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Honda Stack


Who doesn't like a little rip around on the Honda? Made with strong, 1mm stretch cord, double knotted and glued- you won't have to worry about him rough-housing with these easy-on, easy-off bracelets.

*This Listing is for ALL THREE Bracelets*

Specs: Each bracelet is hand-beaded with grade a/b semi-precious stones, 8 + 6mm lava rock, hematite chevrons, 8mm diamond cut sunstones, 8 + 6mm onyx. Chain is made from stainless steel and plated metals. 

Comes in sizes S-XL... If you're unsure, measure your wrist and add half an inch to a full inch (depending on how loose you like it). For example, my wrist is 6in, and I prefer a 7in bracelet. The average man's size is 7.5 - 8in, or a Medium or Large.

Handmade in Canada

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