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Jessica Necklace

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I'm not sure you'll ever need another necklace cause this amazing piece checks alllll dem boxes: multi-chain- check, fringe- check, beautiful rare gemstones- check, no-hassle layered look- triple check! I could go on forever, baby! Just like our Heidi Necklace, the Jessica has been named after one of our oldest, loveliest  H+B fans (who also begged me to release this necklace). Hand-beaded with rare, Peruvian Opal (properties and info stated below), and paired with different vintage chains at various lengths. Total length from top to bottom is 30 inches. All hardware is 100% brass. Limited quantities available. 

On model from top to bottom: The Acua Necklace, the Jessica Necklace, the Seafoam Necklace, and the Quarrell Necklace. 

Peruvian blue opal is relatively rare and is only found in the Andes mountains near San Patricio, Peru. It is a very translucent stone with color similar to the Caribbean Sea. Depending on how the stone is cut it can be clear, scenic (showing varying degrees of color) or dendritic which has black fern like inclusions. 

For those who believe: Peruvian opal reduces stress and eases anxiety, allowing us to approach the future with a heightened sense of tranquility (ummmm sign me up). Believed to help with issues sleeping, and considered a powerful healing stone, this opal from the Andes is associated with the heart chakra.

Handmade in Canada

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