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Keepsake Charm Necklace

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SALE! Originally $99 now down to $59. While Supplies Last!

SOLD OUT Got a thing for nostalgia? Us too. This lovely charm necklace evokes a certain romanticism: perhaps from the vintage etching on the locket, perhaps due to the soft pink of the faceted sunstone, or maybe it's the whole design it's self. Made with two large and small real working brass lockets + whistle, brass leaf charms, a faceted pyrite drop, and a faceted piece of grade AAA sunstone. Who could ask for anything more? Chain length is 32", all hardware is 100% brass.

Mystical Properties: Pyrite, commonly known as 'Fool's Gold' is one of the most common minerals found on earth. Derived from the Greek word 'Pyr' meaning fire, this mineral, when struck, sparks easily. It has been used to protect against darkness, and as a mirror to reflect and reveal the truth. It can also cleanse, inspire, and enliven as well as ease anxiety, depression and frustration.

sunstone carries the energy of ra, the sun god, and has been known to install good nature, heighten intuition, dissipate fearfulness, alleviate stress, and increase vitality. it an also encourage independence and originality. 



Handmade in Canada

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