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Malocchio Necklace

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In Italy, the evil eye is referred to as the Malocchio, and is traditionally avoided at all costs. If one knows of someone who is a "jettatore" (giver of evil eye) and you see them walking down the street- run like the wind... cause even if they pass by you you will be unlucky all day, forget it if they look at you, you're doomed! Many Italian still don't say a baby or child is beautiful, neither do they want to hear someone saying this about their child, because that will cause il malocchio.

Not sayin' this will happen to you- but just in case... Just kidding! This necklace is so pretty and dainty, and is to be worn as a reminder of our ancient folklore, that still is with us today. Made with a small brass eye charm, chain length is 30 inches. All hardware is 100% brass.

On Genevieve from top to bottom: Daffodil earrings, Billie Necklace, Nazar necklace, Malocchio + Paperclip mask chain.

Is this a gift? Consider a lovely leather upgrade by adding a deerskin leather pouch here

Handmade in Canada

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