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Milky Way Necklace

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Long and luscious, you will not be able to keep your hands off of our handmade gunmetal tassel... Or he won't. Anyways, our Milky Way necklace is made from a 32" long brass curb chain, a grade A quartz nugget, and a pyrite nugget to boot. Tassel hangs roughly 7". All hardware is 100% brass.

 For those who believe: The ancient Greeks called clear crystal quartz 'crystalos' which means 'permanent ice' because they thought it was ice frozen so solidly it wouldn't melt. It is the worlds most common crystal, making up more than a tenth of the earth's crust. It is known to amplify energy of other stones around it, help reveal the truth, cleanse and shift energy, and increases clarity of thought. 

Derived from the Greek work ‘pyr’ meaning fire, pyrite when struck sparks easily. It has been known to protect against all darkness, and eases anxiety, depression and frustration.

Handmade in Canada

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