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Overlook Bracelet


Belief in the Evil Eye curse spans across religions, cultures, and generations all around the world. Virtually every culture has a legend that relates to the Evil Eye, the earliest version dating back to 3300 BC in Tell Brak (Mesopotamia, Syria). 

In ancient Ireland, one of the sayings was that if you had the curse of the evil eye, you had been "overlooked". There were many remedies and gestures that the Irish had used to dispel the curse... Here's ours: the overlook bracelet. Hand-strung on strong, 1mm stretch cord with grade a quality 6mm frosted quartz, 6mm faceted aquamarine, three 8mm true blue faceted apatite beads, finished off with small faceted brass accents and a brass and cubic zirconia eye dangle.

*this listing is for (1) bracelet* 

On model from left to right: fascinate bracelet, overlook fringe bracelet, glare, overlook and folklore bracelets.

Unsure about size? Take your wrist measurement, and add either .5in for a snug fit, or .75 - 1in for a looser, more relaxed fit. Eg: my wrist measures 6in, and I prefer a 7in bracelet. 

Is this a gift? Consider a lovely leather upgrade by adding a deerskin leather pouch here

Handmade in Canada

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