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Palm Reader Necklace

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***BACK IN STOCK***OK- who among us hasn't been at least curious about the elusive "palm reader". As much as we think it's a little hokey, I bet at least 52-67% of us kinda sorta maybe want to believe it. Whether you're a believer not, this necklace is pretty dope. Made with a small, very detailed brass hand, almost casting a spell via pointer finger. Finishing off the spell- none other than the mysterious rutilated quartz. Chain length is 32 inches, all hardware is 100% brass.

For those who believe- Found in the Swiss Alps, the Urals in Asia, and beautiful Brazil, Rutilated Quartz or "venus hair" is a soul - illuminator, promoting spiritual growth. It draws off negative energy, and soothes dark moods, which in turn helps with fear, anxiety and phobias. A natural anti-depressant, this stunning stone counters self-hatred and promotes forgiveness. Last but not least? Rutilated Quartz helps in impotence and fertility.  

Handmade in Canada

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