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FYRE Necklace


FYRE - just like the festival, but as if it actually went on. This choker- style necklace will be all you need going into the summer months: short, sweet, and glowing. The bead is actually an 8mm neon yellow swarovski pearl and is STUNNING.

You know how you're always asking me if you can shower and go swimming and sleep and blah blah blah with it on and I'm always like NO? WELL GET THIS- this guy is 304 ion plated stainless steel which are just fancy words for: ANTI-TARNISH! YAY. Rain, hail, sleet, snow- this amazing choker can handle it. Chain length is 14 inches. Get ready for a new best-friend.

Need a larger size? Don't worry, wegotchu. This necklace is also available in 15 + 16in lengths. 

Handmade in Canada

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