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Ixtapa Necklace

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Pronounced "Eesh-Tapa" and named after the beach city in Mexico, this necklace will soon be your summer favourite... Scratch that, your forever favourite. Hand-beaded with 6mm frosted onyx & amazonite, and Ethiopian brass findings. Length is adjustable. Oh, and go ahead, wear it in the water.

For those who believe: 

Literally meaning 'fingernail' in Greek, Onyx is a peculiar stone that can increase introspection, and can make some less noticeable in a crowd (if desired). It is a calming stone, and can ground and concentrate energy while helping to cleanse and purify.

Amazonite is curiously named after the Amazon river but no deposits have been found there. It's mostly found in Canada (yay), Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and parts of Africa. Amazonite traditionally has been tied to fertility and protection. It can also help to access distant memories, inspire creativity and personal expression, release blocked emotions, and stimulate communication. 

Handmade in Canada

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