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Lucha Libre Bracelet- Turquoise

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You could a) purchase one of the famous Lucha Libre masks and wear it to the party, or you could b) buy this bracelet and wear the mask in spirit. We chose option b. Made with 8mm lava rock, frosted amazoniite, African brass trading beads, and a hand-painted Czech glass skull.

For those who believe:

Amazonite is curiously named after the Amazon river but no deposits have been found there. It's mostly found in Canada (yay), Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and parts of Africa. Amazonite traditionally has been tied to fertility and protection. It can also help to access distant memories, inspire creativity and personal expression, release blocked emotions, and stimulate communication.

Lava Rock is the product of the core of the earth, molten lava that has cooled on the surface. One of the oldest (if not the oldest) and most frequent stones found in the world, lava rock (or Basalt) is used for grounding and stability purposes. It can be used to shed unwanted emotions and re-birth, and can bring about mental strength and courage.

Handmade in Canada

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