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Autumn Bracelet- Black

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What I fell in love with with Rutilated Quartz is that literally no bead is the same, but they look so cohesive together. These beautiful beads represent, to me, the falling leaves of autumn, and all the beautiful colours. Hand strung with strong, 1mm stretch cord, double knotted and glued, we pride ourselves on a very sturdy, long-lasting bracelet. Made with dreamy grade a quality 8mm frosted onyx, 8mm lava rock, smooth 8mm rutilated quartz, a raw, one-of-a-kind chunk of pyrite, and african brass spacer beads, these bracelets are so easy to throw on when you're in a hurry, and comfortable throughout the day.

*this listing is for (1) bracelet* 

Bracelet sizing: our bracelets are made to order and come in various different sizes. Each wrist is different- so we encourage you to measure your wrist before ordering and add half an inch to a full inch (depending on how you want it to fit) to the measurement of your wrist. For example: my wrist is 6 inches, and I like my bracelets loose, so I order a 7inch bracelet. 

For those who believe- Found in the Swiss Alps, the Urals in Asia, and beautiful Brazil, Rutilated Quartz or "venus hair" is a soul - illuminator, promoting spiritual growth. It draws off negative energy, and soothes dark moods, which in turn helps with fear, anxiety and phobias. A natural anti-depressant, this stunning stone counters self-hatred and promotes forgiveness. Last but not least? Rutilated Quartz helps in impotence and fertility.

Lava (Volcanic Rock)- Lava Rock is the product of the core of the earth, molten lava that has cooled on the surface. One of the oldest (if not the oldest) and most frequent stones found in the world, lava rock (or Basalt) is used for grounding and stability purposes. It can be used to shed unwanted emotions and re-birth, and can bring about mental strength and courage.

Derived from the Greek work ‘pyr’ meaning fire, pyrite when struck sparks easily. It has been known to protect against all darkness, and eases anxiety, depression and frustration.

Onyx: Keywords- Calming, distancing + quietening. Can increase introspection and quieten powerful emotional states.

Handmade in Canada

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