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Chicks + Cubs- Mini-mini HOV Bracelet

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Our most famous "all black everything" HOV bracelet- now available for minis! Made with small, 6mm lava rock and frosted onyx, and black stainless steel nuts.  Hand-strung with strong, 1mm stretch cord, double-knotted and glued, this baby is meant for a good time. 

 ***These bracelets (although very sturdy) are NOT a toy! Please only wear them for special occasions, etc. Also- ADULTS WILL NOT FIT INTO THESE.

For those who believe: 

VOLCANIC (LAVA) ROCK: One of the oldest and most abundant minerals on earth, lava rock (also known as basalt), is a very grounding rock, and deepens our connection to mother nature. It provides strength and courage to those who wear it, and provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger. And yes, you can put essential oils on them. 

ONYX: Literally meaning "fingernail" in Greek (ew kinda), this stone has a calming effect, which can be used to balance the hyper cray or cool down a hot-head. Think of onyx almost like the natural world's Ritalin pill. Onyx has been known to also provide strength and support in times of mental or physical stress as well as instil  self-confidence to it's wearer (who doesn't need a dose of that once in a while)? 

Handmade in Canada

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