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Moonstone Stack- Dark

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They're FINALLY here. Get three moonstone bracelets, or pick the one you absolutely can't live without. Bracelets are hand strung on strong 0.8mm or 1mm stretch cord, light moonstone, 6mm frosted onyx, 8mm lava rock, brass, and Preciosa crystal. Each bracelet comes in Small, Medium and Large, a Medium measures 7". 

For those who believe: Moonstone is known as a Phenomenal Gem, that possesses something called 'Adularesence' that refers to a glow or luster that seems to emanate from below the surface or behind the gem. The glow appears to move as the light moves, producing a shimmering effect thought to resemble lunar light on water. 

Literally meaning ‘fingernail’ in Greek, onyx has a calming effect and can increase stillness and introspection.

Lava rock (also known as Basalt) is a very grounding rock, and deepens our connection to mother nature. It provides strength and courage to those who wear it.



Handmade in Canada

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