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House Party Necklace


There is literally nothing that compares to an epic house party. NOTHING. Solo cups, kegs, people making out on the couch, shots, holes in drywall... You get the picture. Get that feeling all rolled up into one extraordinary necklace. Chain length is four feet long- yes I said 4ft- and can be worn a bunch of different ways (I like to tie mine in a knot at the bottom), but you can double this up easily, or wear it around your wrist too if you so desire. Hand-made with small multicoloured swarovski crystals, little key charms and brass diamonds strategically placed along the chain, and I even snuck in a little swarovski butterfly in there for ya. Chain is stainless steel (anti-tarnish) and all hardware is 100% brass. Join the party!

Handmade in Canada

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