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Reverie Necklace

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You wanted it, you got it. I have had many of you begging me to bring back a hand-beaded/fringy signature HENNY necklace and HERE it is. If this necklace doesn't scream summer shenanigans, I don't know where I'm from or where I'm going or what I'm doing. This necklace is all hand-beaded with very much care, and takes almost two hours to make. Each tiny bead hand-strung, it takes a lot of patience to make it.

SPECS: Hand-beaded with small, dreamy 4mm grade a faceted sunstone beads, 2mm bright neon swarovski pearls, beautiful faceted brass spacers, and matte turquoise Czech seed beads. We added a strip of our famous triangle chain, and a few vintage brass "tassel" fringe pieces with fun pink swarovski butterflies, and vintage bobbles... and we can't forget the seashell eye. The chain itself is vintage brass, and is 36 inches long. 


Handmade in Canada

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