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Santorini Stack


Oh what I would give to be able to roam the streets of Santorini right now- the beautiful white-washed houses with rounded blue roofs, the cliffs, the cobblestone, the beaches... One day. For now? This beautiful stack will do just fine! Each bracelet is hand-beaded and made to order in sizes ranging from XXS - XL, and sold individually or all together as a stack! We use strong, 1mm stretch cord, double-knot and glue these beauties so they're not your average bracelet.

From top to bottom or starting at picture #4: Crystal Quartz + Larimar with small brass moons // finished off with little bee charm. 6-7mm (bead size) $49

Picture #5: Crystal Quartz, Larimar, Morganite + Apatite with small faceted brass pieces // finished off with little bee charm. 6-8mm (bead size) $69

Picture #6: Crystal Quartz + Apatite with small brass spacers. 6-7mm (bead size) $59

For those who believe: The ancient Greeks called clear crystal quartz 'crystalos' which means 'permanent ice' because they thought it was ice frozen so solidly it wouldn't melt. It is the worlds most common crystal, making up more than a tenth of the earth's crust. It is known to amplify energy of other stones around it, help reveal the truth, cleanse and shift energy, and increases clarity of thought. 


Handmade in Canada

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