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Stars Bracelet- OUT OF STOCK

out of stock


I fear, too early: for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars.

No, I'm not tricking you, our moonstone bracelets actually look like that. For real! Hand-strung with strong, 1mm stretch cord, and one, teeny tiny purple swarovski crystal. Add it to your stack or wear it on it's own- you'll have everyone asking where you got it.

***this listing is for one (1) bracelet***

For those who believe: Moonstone is known as a phenomenal gem, that possesses something called 'adularesence' that refers to a glow or lustre that seems to emanate from below the surface or behind the gem. The glow appears to move as the light moves, producing a shimmering effect thought to resemble lunar light on water. This stone conveys goddess energy and is known in India as the perfect gemstone for women to wear. It can also help to release tension, and balance the body's blood and lymph systems. Keywords: Emotional balance, release, empathy, and femininity. 

Handmade in Canada

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