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Folklore Bracelet


According to ancient Irish mythology, the evil eye could strike at any time, and it's severity depended on the time of day it showed itself. If you are met by the eye in the morning, say goodbye to your day cause your luck will be ruined. In the evening, if the evil eye looks fixedly on a child or cattle, a fatality most likely will occur unless one possesses a powerful counter-charm. If the evil eye shows himself over a sleeping child, the child will assuredly die, since there is no charm or force that can stop it. Creepy, huh.

Protect yourself from being "overlooked" with our folklore bracelet. Hand-strung with beautiful faceted 4mm aquamarine beads, a small brass fringe, a sparkly stainless steel chain, and finished off with a beautiful brass and cubic zirconia eye charm.

Comes in small, medium and large... Unsure about size? Take your wrist measurement, and add either .5in for a snug fit, or .75 - 1in for a looser, more relaxed fit. Eg: my wrist measures 6in, and I prefer a 7in bracelet. 

Is this a gift? Consider a lovely leather upgrade by adding a deerskin leather pouch here

Handmade in Canada

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